‘‘ Being a writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet.
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(-revs up the feels train-) Mike stared at the doorknob of Sabrina's home, his hand shaking slightly as he reached for it. Then, he let it go, resting his palm on the door. It was summer and yet he still wore his heavy plaid shirt and baggy jeans. Well...he had too. He couldn't let her see what happened to him...he shook his head. Then with a deep breath, knocked on the door.



She hadn’t seen him in forever. Months and months had gone by. Sabrina had liked to think he had found something better and was enjoying life. The dark side assumed he had died. There was no middle ground. 

She had been baking when the knock was heard. Salem was sleeping soundly on the couch, but flicked an ear when the sound disturbing his rest. Wiping her hands, she walked to the door and opened it. At once, her eyes widened. Was this some sort of dream? Maybe a vision?

"I…you…" She started. But words couldn’t describe the way she was feeling. Instead, she tackled him in a hug, bursting into tears.

"Well lets get some food in ya okay? How about I make pancakes? Just like before." He smiled warmly and gently caressed her cheek. He was glad to know she was never injured, and didnt date anyone else. He was a jealous guy..well…more territorial. Sabrina was still his right? He didn’t know anymore.

He let his hand fall from her face. “And after that let’s shower. I do kinda need one.” He chuckled, rubbing his chest a bit. One of the scabs was bothering him.

A relieved smile blossomed on her lips. He was still the same man she fell in love with before. “Sounds good to me. If you’re hungry, I just made some sugar cookies.” Sabrina said.

Every fiber in her being wanted to hug him again, but she wanted him relaxed before tackling him for her own selfish reasons. The grunt of pain before made her realize just how strong her bear hugs could be. 

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To The Moon And Back


Scream for me,” Jacob murmured into her ear. He continued pounding into her, varying his thrusts but keeping his pace. “Scream my name. I want to hear you.”

Something between a scream and a sigh escaped her lips. Oh he was so good…moving inside of her…everything was tight. She felt warm and alive again. “I love..i-it when you fuck me…” Sabrina whimpered back, arching against him.

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April grabbed him from behind, wrapping her arms securely around his waist. "What happened to you?" She demanded gently.





"Hmm? Oh, this?" he asked, referring to the black eye he was sporting. "It was an accident." He tried to play it off, and he hoped that April wouldn’t notice his lack of eye contact with her. "It’s not bad, or anything."

"Fine."He stepped in after her. He brought her close to his body. "But, I am still going to cuddle you. Because I loooove you." He placed a playful kiss on her nose.

Squeaking, she laughed, almost slipping and falling into the water. “I love you too, you goober.” April said.

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"I will stay with you forever, babe. No matter what. I’ll be right by your side." He held her hands in his and kissed her knuckles lovingly. "You’re going to recover just fine, love."

"C-Can…can we do…the suicide watch at home. I don’t wanna be stuck here…" She asked. It wasn’t that she wanted to attempt again- not after seeing his broken heart through his eyes. April wanted to feel sane again and be comfortable inside her own home.

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A New Supreme || Open ||


"Only if I can hold my own glass." he answered.

"Looks like you’re out of luck then, sugar." Andromeda crooned, sipping some of the cherry wine.

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