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"I refuse to think that most men would do that. The human race is not that horrible.” he commented, looking down at her.

Tears burned in her eyes. “You haven’t been through it. I have….I’ve been the target. The prey. I’ve been used.” She said, almost bitterly.

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Reblog with Your Desktop (no Cleaning)
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Seth smoothed out her hair gently with his other hand. “Why don’t you sleep a little more, flower. You look super pale. Sme sleep would do you good.”

A thin smile graced her pale lips. “Fine. But if they bring food, wake me.” She said jokingly, shifting on the small bed to further tighten the sheets around her.

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April grabbed him from behind, wrapping her arms securely around his waist. "What happened to you?" She demanded gently.





"Hmm? Oh, this?" he asked, referring to the black eye he was sporting. "It was an accident." He tried to play it off, and he hoped that April wouldn’t notice his lack of eye contact with her. "It’s not bad, or anything."

Seth was finally able to relax, the thoughts of the day now forgotten. His black eye mattered not when he was relaxing with April. A lot of his bad feelings went away when his girlfriend was around honestly.

April would have thought they could take a nap. Everything was simply peaceful. Nobody crying. Nobody upset. Just a warm bubble bath and the gentle thump of his heartbeat. “You know…these bubbles are from a French company.” She said, resting her head against his shoulder. 

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To The Moon And Back


He hissed again, rocking particularly hard into her. It wasn’t on purpose, and he had a few seconds of panic when he thought that he hurt her.

She moaned in response, arching her neck slightly. “O-Oh…” Sabrina whimpered, raking her nails across his back, one slapping against the leather seat to steady herself. Her other drifted down to his rear, gripping the flesh as she grit her teeth.

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Luce opened the door to ask Jackson a question, but the question fell away when she saw him on the floor with a razor to his wrist. She fell to her knees beside him and gently took the blade from him and wrapped his arm. "J-Jackson...Why...?"



Jackson had had horrible day. Everything seemed to be falling apart in his mind. The dark shadows of his past had finally shadowed any light he had formed inside. And the only way to help himself was see the red on his skin.

He barely looked up when she walked in and took away his happiness. Frowning, he looked rather confused. “Wha….”

Luce whispered, “Forever and always. I’ll always be here for you. I promise.” She smiled and kissed him again, a bit longer than before and more emotionally charged.

He smiled underneath her damp lips. His cuts didn’t sting much anymore, but he could see the hint of the blood in the water. “Thank you,” Jackson breathed, relief flooding his quiet whisper.

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(-revs up the feels train-) Mike stared at the doorknob of Sabrina's home, his hand shaking slightly as he reached for it. Then, he let it go, resting his palm on the door. It was summer and yet he still wore his heavy plaid shirt and baggy jeans. Well...he had too. He couldn't let her see what happened to him...he shook his head. Then with a deep breath, knocked on the door.



She hadn’t seen him in forever. Months and months had gone by. Sabrina had liked to think he had found something better and was enjoying life. The dark side assumed he had died. There was no middle ground. 

She had been baking when the knock was heard. Salem was sleeping soundly on the couch, but flicked an ear when the sound disturbing his rest. Wiping her hands, she walked to the door and opened it. At once, her eyes widened. Was this some sort of dream? Maybe a vision?

"I…you…" She started. But words couldn’t describe the way she was feeling. Instead, she tackled him in a hug, bursting into tears.

He began to kiss over her shoulder and up to her cheek. “You still smell so good…” He murmured and smiled.

Sabrina laughed, shivering subtly in his arms from the gentle feel of his warm lips. 

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my pet peeve is when someone ignores you

like if we have a problem then let’s fucking address it

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"I did a bad thing." Isadora said tears in her eyes. **Hi, I thought I'd give it a try**



Salem turned to look at the stranger, and was about to tell them to go away until he saw the blood. “U-Uh….”

Isadora looked around. “Look I’m not from here, where’s the nearest hospital.” She asked her body was trembling. 

Salem gulped, scrambling for the location. “It’s far…” They were in the middle of the woods, anyways. “I can drive you.”

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